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Pets provide people of all ages with companionship, responsibility, and purpose. For older individuals who are at risk of becoming lonely and/or depressed, a pet can make all the difference in their emotional and physical well-being. However, the cost of providing adequate care for even one pet can become exorbitant very quickly. This can especially be […]

Baby Elephant Calf vs Birds – Latest Wildlife Sightings One tiny South African newborn elephant and a group of birds are certainly proving otherwise. They’ve got time for fun and games together! In a video shared by Kruger Sightings, the adorable baby elephant plays a game of cat and mouse with a group of birds. MORE: […]

A Manchester, Conn.-based pet food manufacturer issued a voluntary recall of selected lots of its product due to concerns of the possible presence of salmonella.The select lots of Bravo Chicken pet foods for dogs and cats were recalled after routine testing by the New York State Department of Agriculture found Salmonella spp. Poly A contamination.Bravo […]

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The bow you are speaking of is actually a way dogs show love and respect. Look closely at the context when the dog does it. Animal behaviorists have a name for this bow – I think it is called the “praetorian bow” or something. They tend to do it as a friendly greeting, to show […]

Not all pet carriers and crates advertised as safe for travel perform well in crash tests, according to a new study released today.The Center for Pet Safety, a non-profit organization, and Subaru of America teamed up to work with a NASA engineer to create specially designed crash test dog dummies – sized and weighted to […]

Traveling with your dog or cat by air this summer? The Transportation Security Administration on Friday demonstrated how to prepare your pet for clearing security at the airport terminal in Albany.First, you need to check with your airline to make sure your carry-on pet container will fit beneath your seat. While there’s usually space beneath the […]

Eva Monroy bought a mini pig for her family and fed it what the breeder instructed: a half-cup of food in the morning and a half-cup at night.But the piglet named Hammond started raiding the pantry and digging through the trash. A veterinarian told Monroy that he was behaving badly because he was starving.The breeder […]

Thousands of animals in our area are in need of homes. That’s why NBC 4 New York and Telemundo 47 are partnering with dozens of shelters throughout the region to help find these animals permanent loving homes.Aug. 15, 2015 is “Clear the Shelters” Day, an initiative by NBC-owned stations to help get cats and dogs […]

Pets On 20th Anniversary Helping Animals Online Since 1995 This year will be celebrating it’s 20th year of helping animals online. Pets On Board started in Wilkes-Barre, PA in 1995 when owner James A. Donnelly wanted to help animals online when he discovered that online adoptions did not exist. Donnelly set out to give web development […]

As area heat indexes remain in triple digits, Bartlesville Police Department Animal Control Officer Rita Harvey offered several tips for hot-weather pet care.“Never leave a pet in a hot car,” she said. “On hot days, the temps in an auto rise rapidly to deathly levels, even with the windows down a little. If you leave […]

Many people have experienced the love and happiness that having pets around can bring. Being in a hospital, that access is limited and patients sometime s need something to cheer them up in such a trying time.Tomball Regional Medical Center recently began using pet therapy as a means for patients to better deal with their […]

It’s all starting to make sense. For years I wondered why my dog spins in a circle before depositing her daily double. But now I think I have a clue as to why. Scientists at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague have found that, like other animals, dogs are sensitive to Earth’s magnetism.Dogs […]

Having a pet can be an amazing experience. Nothing beats snuggling up for a nap with a fuzzy cat, or coming home to an excitable puppy who has been WAITING FOR YOU ALL DAY!!! But pet ownership isn’t all kitten kisses and puppy love, and before you adopt a furry friend, you need to be sure you’re ready for the responsibility […]

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When we think of distracted driving, we tend to think of text, not Rex.But in a new Consumer Pulse survey by AAA, conducted in April ahead of summer road-trip season, half of motorists surveyed said they rarely or never restrain their animal in the car. Their reasons ranged from “pet doesn’t like crate” to “restraints […]

Did your pet go missing over the holiday weekend? According to more pets are lost on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year. We’re enjoying time outdoors, paying less attention and of course watching or shooting off fireworks which don’t mix with pets. Now the humane society tells us just […]

In a video that’s gone viral with over 700,000 views on YouTube so far, a 2-year-old tabby comes face-to-face — well, face-to-glass-door-to-face — with a black bear who’s wandered onto her porch.While the video is just 14 seconds long, that’s all the time Nani needed to charge the door and send the bear running in […]

NEW YORK (AP) — Pet food maker Stella & Chewy’s is recalling some of its products because a routine test found Listeria in a sample of its chicken freeze-dried dinner patties for dogs.RELATED: More recall newsListeria can cause serious illness and even death in children, the frail and the elderly. Healthy people may suffer flu-like […]

The Fourth of July can be a fun time of year, but for the four-legged family member, it can be traumatizing.Animal shelters around the nation report a dramatic increase in lost pets during the holiday, and coupled with hot weather and toxins found during the summer, Independence Day can be a dangerous celebration for the […]

1. Exercise EarlyActivity is a great way to manage stress, as it reduces tension and pumps up endorphins (mood enhancers). Exercising your pet a few hours before the fireworks begin can help to settle them down at night. While the amount of exercise a dog needs will vary with age and breed, a brisk walk […]

Off the coast of California, nearly 200 fathoms below the surface of the Monterey Bay, researchers have made an incredibly cute discovery.MRBIIt’s a new species of octopus that is so cute, researchers are hoping to call it Opistoteuthis adorabilis. (Get it? Adorab-ilis?) And we can see why. The tiny animal has eight super-small tentacles, a […]