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When one beloved dog received a terminal diagnosis, his owner was devastated — but wanted to make the most of his pet’s final days.Thomas Neil Rodriguez, a DJ from New York City who was told 16-year-old Poh might only have “days” to live, set out to make sure his canine friend spent the rest of […]

As the summer heats up, so do concerns about safety, and that includes our pets. While awareness is increasing about the dangers of leaving a pet in a hot car, there are still cases each year – some with deadly consequences. As the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Boston reminds […]

Pumba and Boris are two miniature potbellied pigs who are bringing big smiles to seniors with Alzheimer’s disease.Each week, Erin Brinkley-Burgardt, the founder of Colorado non-profit Hog Haven, takes the 1-year-old pigs to visit the residents of Highline Place, an assisted-living facility in Littleton that cares for patients with dementia.share linkTherapy Pigs Visit PatientsPLAY VIDEOMORE […]

No need to kennel your dog or call a neighbor to feed your cat. Traveling with pets is easy, as long as you pick the right airline, destination, and hotel—and take a few simple steps to prepare.1. Before you travelCourtesy Monaco Alexandria Hotel–When you’re embarking on a long drive, feed a pet around four hours before […]

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Nothing is more frustrating or heartbreaking than when a heartworm positive diagnosis is made at my hospital. Especially since heartworm disease is preventable! Despite educating and talking to each and every one of our clients, it seems that someone always slips through the cracks and fails to provide year-round heartworm prevention for their pet.One of […]

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Soft music plays in the lobby as guests check in at the front desk. Chandeliers dangle from the ceilings of suites, where visitors lounge on memory-foam beds and watch cable on flat-screen TVs. Blueberry facials, Brazilian waxes and aromatherapy baths are among the treatments available in the gleaming spa.This new, 130-room Palm Beach County resort […]

Memorial Day weekend is widely known as unoffiical start of summer, so many of you will be starting to plan summer vacations and might be br…  Memorial Day weekend is widely known as unoffiical start of summer, so many of you will be starting to plan summer vacations and might be bringing your pets along. Joining us Sunday […]

Kennels can be hotbeds for the illness. The ‘Bad Blood’ Music Video Proves Taylor Swift’s Power of… Watch: This Real-Life Hoverboard Is Impossible to Believe J.K. Rowling Had the Best Response to Ireland Legalizing Gay… PromotedThe Spread of Canine Influenza Has Pet Parents ConcernedPetcoSponsored Links byAn outbreak of dog flu in Chicago, Illinois continues to […]

When LaDawn Allen and Pat Stillwell got the news in October that their 11-year-old female malamute Sakari had bone cancer, they were devastated.But thanks to a new hospice program for pets, the Serra Mesa couple was able to buy a precious bit of extra time for their beloved dog, whose pain was eased with home […]

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Last summer, a man in Colorado went through a sad ritual known to many pet owners. He had to have his pit bull terrier euthanized after the dog fell suddenly ill.Four days later, the man became very sick too, with a fever and bloody cough. But it would take health investigators many days to make […]

If you have a dog, cat or other pet, then go West.Cities in the Western United States are friendlier to pets and thus better places for pet owners to rent homes and apartments, according to a recent survey from real estate site Trulia. Cities like San Francisco, Seattle and Portland have not only lower average […]

The Staten Island Zoo recently posted a photo of Earl, a lovable lamb who looks astonishingly like a panda, on its official Facebook page. He’s since been fittingly dubbed a “panda lamb.”He’s also the newest addition to the zoo, born a few Saturdays ago on April 25, and according to the Facebook caption, he’s the […]

An animal welfare group called No Kill Huntsville is urging Huntsville Animal Services to join the national “Just One Day” campaign.Animal shelters that take the Just One Day pledge agree not to destroy any healthy, treatable pets on June 11. Hundreds of shelters across the U.S. have already signed up, including several in Alabama.”The concept is […]

Last month’s segment on CPR for pets generated a truly mind-boggling number of responses and requests. By far the most popular request was a demonstration of how to save a dog or cat who is choking. Some readers even shared heartbreaking stories of losing their beloved pets to choking accidents. Every one of these grieving […]

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In the event of my death or disability, I, __________________, wish to provide for the care and financial support of my pets. They are important members of my family and the purpose of this trust is to ensure they are cared for in a manner consistent with my wishes.The first time clients asked Crofton lawyer […]

A popular pet treat is being blamed for deaths of more than 1,000 dogs but an Action News Investigation has found that some of these treats were on still on the shelves in spite of an FDA warning about possible dangers.Angela Popolizio was just 4 years old when her family rescued a half Shiatsu/half Pomeranian, […]

Summer Safety Tips for PetsNever leave your pets in a parked car.  It should go without saying, but it happens all the time.  People think they’ll be in the store for “just be a minute,” and that’s all it can take for internal car temperatures to skyrocket.  On an 85 degree day, for example, it […]

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Fostering a pet can be one of the most rewarding experiences. Since fostering involves bringing a pet into your home temporarily, it’s especially beneficial for someone who loves animals, but is unable to give one a permanent home. Fostering can also be a great way to teach children how to handle animals and help a […]

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A combination of creativity and community support have helped bring the live release rate at Tri-County Humane Society up to 97 percent so far this year.That means the shelter is euthanizing only 3 percent of the animals it takes in, and that’s in cases where the animal isn’t treatable for illness or injury or able […]

In today’s hustle and bustle world, it’s easy to forget about exercise for you and your pet, especially as you speed off to work and Fido is still lying on the couch. Some pet parents make the mistake of assuming if a dog has access to a fenced-in backyard, he or she is getting enough […]

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Pet owners are always looking for something to help their animals live a longer, happier, healthier life. it’s a real bonus when it is cheap and easy to give.Mike White and his wife, Laura, loved their first Shih Tzu, Kosmo, so much, they got a second one and named him Vinny.Mike had […]